Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another Day in China

Today was a more relaxed day here in China.

We started our day with some awesome skype time with the boys and Eliana's grandmothers!  I know they cannot wait to get their hands on her!

GiGi                                        Nana

We then went downstairs for another wonderful breakfast here at our hotel.  We were able to get a hard boiled egg for Eliana, which we were told was one of her favorites.  She really enjoyed it!!!

Next, we had a few hours to spend in our hotel room, playing and letting Eliana get her nap.  We even got a few more smiles while playing with sunglasses.

Then it was time for the official business of the day.  We went down to the police station to apply for Eliana's Chinese Passport.  Again, she got a bit nervous being in a new place, but we got through it.

We went to a great dinner tonight at a place called the Banana Leaf with another Lifeline family, and then we headed over to Haagen Dazs for a little ice cream.  We were really excited to see Eliana's reaction to ice cream, however, she was not a fan.

We still have a long way to go to break through the walls to get to Eliana's heart.  She is a strong little girl, which has served her well during her time in an orphanage.  But now it's time to teach her what a mommy and a daddy are, and it's time for her to start learning to trust us.  We desperately want to connect with her, and let her know just how very much we love her.  We are praying for God's wisdom & guidance in this...please pray with us!

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  1. Continuing to pray with you! Praying for supernatural bonding and attachment in Jesus' name. Love you all!