Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Layovers & Roller Coasters

Yes, you read that right...ROLLER COASTERS!!!

We LITERALLY rode a roller coaster!

We are about to board our second flight of the day, but before we do, I must tell you about our awesome layover in Minneapolis!

Normally a 4.5 hour layover isn't something to write home about, but this time it certainly was!
Because of the length of our layover, we had time to actually leave the Minneapolis airport and take a 10 minute train ride to The Mall of America.

The Mall of America is home to a Nickelodeon theme park, and we enjoyed a ride on a roller coaster in the mall.  We also took lots of pics with some of our boys' favorite Nickelodeon characters.

See you in Tokyo!!!


  1. Oh, and I forgot to is 37 degrees and snowing here!

  2. Glad you are having fun just the two of you. :)