Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Journey Begins

35 months of praying, waiting, seeking God’s will, walking in faith and TONS of paperwork have been leading up to this journey, and today we finally got on that plane!!!

We arrived at the Birmingham airport at 6:00 am, and spent time saying goodbye to our boys and our parents.  It could not have gone any better!  The boys did great!  The only tears from them this morning, was when I cruelly roused them from their sleep at 5!  This is really an answer to prayer.  I have prayed for months that God would prepare their sweet, little hearts for this day, in hopes that it wouldn’t be too hard on them.  It was a really sweet time of smiles, hugs & kisses.  Praise God!   

We brought a gift for the boys to open at the airport.  It's a Thomas the Train record-able book read by Mommy & Daddy.
Luckily, our plane from Bham was slightly larger, but not by much!
Mommy & Daddy are on our way, Eliana!!!

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