Monday, May 20, 2013

Home is Where the Heart is

Praise God, we are HOME!

This absolutely must be our home, because my heart is so full!  Full of love, full of joy, FULL!

Now that we are a family of five (all in the same place), I could not be happier!  Our children are having a wonderful time together, and it is a blessing to watch them together.  They giggle, they play, they run and they share!  It's truly amazing!  Now, I know that every day will not be like this, but I am going to savor this moment.  The three of them are learning how to communicate with each other, and how to play together.  It's so cool!

Clay loves to put his hands on Eliana's cheeks and say her name.  Precious!  We even watched "The Aristocats" in Mandarin in the car on the way home from the airport yesterday, and Clay chose Chinese instead of English, because he wanted Eliana to understand what was going on.  When we asked him if he understood, he replied, "It's okay, I'm learning."  What a sweet heart he has!

Davis is having the best time with his new sister!  He loves to hold her hand and giggle with her.  Too cute!  At one point this morning (after a long time of holding hands and running together), Eliana decided she was ready to move on to the next activity, and Davis said, "I want MY Eliana!" It's so neat to watch them together.  They are so close to the same size, and being so close in age (only 2 months apart), they really have a beautiful understanding of each other.

Eliana is absolutely loving her new home and her brothers!  We were very nervous about how she would react when we put her in her car seat for the first time at the airport, but there was nothing to be nervous about!  Her car seat sits right in between her brothers' car seats, and the three of them immediately held hands and started laughing!  When she first came into the house, Clay and Davis did a wonderful job of showing her around, and when she saw the playroom, she knew just what to do!  She also did great in her room last night.  I am sleeping in a bed next to her crib, and she seemed to be very comfortable.  She woke up very upset one time last night, and I rocked her for about five minutes, and then she went right back into her crib and slept until 7:00 this morning! Amazing!

I have so many things that I would like to share with you all, but it will have to wait for another time.  Right now we are wonderfully jet lagged!  And we are also trying to soak up these precious moments.

I will leave you with some pictures that my sweet friend Ericka took of our homecoming party at the airport.

We are indeed BLESSED!

My first hug with all THREE of my children!
Family of Five!
The boys made awesome signs to welcome their new sister.
Our 2 two-year olds!
Meeting her big brother Clay.
She wasn't sure about all of the attention she was getting, but she handled it very well. She is so very LOVED!
Eliana with her grandparents.


  1. Could not be happier for your family!

  2. I LOVE this update! I just read it out loud to Rusty. It's amazing to hear how well the kids are all getting along! I love the boys' precious hearts for their little sister (especially the part about Clay choosing to put the movie in Chinese!) SO sweet!

    I keep looking back at the pictures myself and being SO glad that we were there to capture them. Precious, precious moments!